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Slab Selection

Colors range from silvery white to coal black and nearly every shade in between. Patterns vary dramatically from the familiar tight-grained, speckled appearance, to the exotic swirls and curves. With a visit to our show room we will assist you in selecting the stone for your project

All of our clients have the option of selecting slabs for their job from Absolute Granite’s stock.  Slabs that are selected for a project will be held for (2) weeks without a deposit.  Once a deposit is received for stock slabs, they will be tagged and moved to a sold section in our fabrication facility.
If slabs are not in stock, we will obtain samples and pictures, if necessary, from our suppliers for you to review.  Slab material will not be ordered from our suppliers until a deposit is received for the job.  In the event that you do not like the slabs that we have received for your job we will return them to our supplier, at no charge, and will assist you in selecting another stone.
Another option available to our clients is that you can visit our supplier’s warehouse and select your own slabs for your job.  There you will go through the warehouse and view a larger stock of stone.  It is always a good idea for Absolute Granite to have a cabinet/kitchen layout in the event that during the selection process there are any questions that arise.  Our suppliers will tag the stone for you and notify us of the selection(s) that was made.  We then will estimate the cost of your project.  Our suppliers do not request a deposit for tagged stone.  This will be done between Absolute Granite and you once we have given you an estimate.  We cannot have our suppliers hold stone over 2 weeks without a job deposit made to Absolute Granite.
Note:  To make a slab selection easier it is best if you have a cabinet door, paint and flooring samples available.  Drawing a sketch of your kitchen or bath layout would be helpful.  Links to graph paper appear below.  It is also a good idea (if possible) you contact Absolute Granite and let us know you will be coming in to select slabs on a certain day.  This process can take 1-1 ½ hours and is best if you have the time to spend with us.  This is a big decision. 

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