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Sealing Granite

It is very important to protect stone by sealing.  Sealing granite provides greater stain resistance and easy on-going maintenance.  Sealing also preserves the beauty and prolongs the life of the surface.

When we originally install your granite we seal it with an impregnating sealer.  It is not necessary to seal the stone again for (2) years.

The sealer that we use is known to retain the stones natural appearance, provide excellent stain protection & water repellency. This sealer is safe for use in food prep and serving areas.
The application of the sealer is simple. You brush the sealer directly on the stone with an inexpensive paint brush. Allow the sealer to sit for a couple of minutes. Then you wipe it off with clean, dry cotton cloths and then go back over it with a micro fiber cloth to remove any residue. That is it!


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